March’s Best: Favorites in Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting


A little bird told me that sunshine is just around the corner. Here in San Francisco, it’s been t-shirt weather for most of the winter. But I’ve still spent most of my time inside, working with clients to optimize their marketing strategies.

It’s time to take a break, head outside, and finally catch up on the following articles from March:

Conversion Optimization

1. Can This Crazy Design Hack Make Your Landing Pages Convert?
Post by: 
Tommy Walker via Unbounce
This “hack” actually isn’t a hack at all—it’s a technique that Hollywood has leveraged for years, and it’s grounded within timeless principles of psychology. Appeal to your audience’s love for the familiar. This great blog post explains how.

2. How to Optimize ROI from SEM with A/B Testing
Post by: Optimizely

Optimizely has put together the most comprehensive guide (ever) on A/B testing for SEM. Brace yourself: This read will require more than 15 minutes of your time (that’s a good thing).

3. How to Create Great Retail Store Interiors
Post by: Humayun Khan via Shopify
Online or offline, it doesn’t matter. Success in either depends on  conversion. What I love about this post, even though it isn’t focused on online marketing per se, is that we see how our natural human behaviors are situation-agnostic. Every single one of these tips can be applied to CRO for the screen.

 4. Test Being Different to Make Massive Gains
Post by: 
Chris Goward via WiderFunnel
Best practices aren’t always best. Don’t be afraid to test a new idea to differentiate yourself from the pack. This edge will help you stand out. The poignant observation that Chris points out? That courage is risk-free.


5. Video ROI Is More than Meets the Eye
Post by:
Ritika Puri (Shameless Self Plug) via Adkknowledge
Marketers agree that video is a powerful conversion driver. This blog post will help you think about this customer acquisition power tool from a measurement and ROI perspective. Read this guide before spending your first dollar on video. 

6. Google Content Experiments: 12 Must-Knows Before Using
Post by: Rich Page
Google Content Experiments is a condensed version of their Website Optimizer—a product that was recently shut down. The value of Content Experiments? You can run them directly within analytics. This blog post will help you make the most out of this feature.

7. Underutilized Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Insights
Post by: Peep Laja, vis ConversionXL
Check out this blog post for specific and actionable reports that you can generate as soon as tomorrow. The best part of this article? Each and every idea comes from a different CRO expert.

8. Keeping Customers Is Cheaper Than Creating Conversions
Post by: 
Ryan Farris via The Conversion Scientist
Marketers are notoriously obsessed with new customer acquisition. Getting users through the door, however, is only the first step. Success stems from encouraging our customers to stick around—and increasing our repeat revenue sources. The most valuable metric to prioritize? Customer retention.


9. How You Can Optimize Your Blog Content in 3 Data-Driven Steps
Post by:
David Cheng, co-founder at ShareBloc
Crowdsource blog topics, identify influencers, and follow a strict schedule. Content, a right-brained field, will be exponentially more successful with left-brained rigor. This blog post gives you specific steps to take.

10. An Uncomplicated Look at Content Marketing Metrics
Post by: Chris Meier via
Not a metrics person? No worries. Step 1 to understanding the complicated world of content marketing metrics is focus. This blog post will help you develop that skill.

11. How to Use Visual Hierarchy to Create Clear and Easy-to-Read Web Pages
Post by: 
Pamela Wilson via Copyblogger
Design and content go hand-in-hand. The analogy that Wilson uses here is that your website is “like a dark cave.” In addition to writing, pay attention to the entire website ecosystem. Visuals are key.

12. Design Thinking for Non-Designers: Inspiration from the Field
Post by: Jenna Birch via Coworks 
Content creators need to be visually driven. Not a designer? No problem. This blog post provides an excellent starter. The best takeaway from the post? Learning to see and embrace the moment.

You pick #13. What was your favorite read this Month?

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