Marathon Tragedy: The week in review (April 19)


In a week of endless headlines, a tragedy in Boston leaves the nation wounded and spawns a captivating manhunt followed in real time on the web.

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Fri, Apr 19 2013 23:07:11

The eyes of the world turned to Boston this week, as a peaceful Patriots’ Day was thrown into turmoil by explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
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In a theme that would continue throughout the week, social media and traditional news outlets immediately began reporting and reacting in real time, sharing stark images and accounts that left us reeling.


But in the following hours, solidarity spread throughout the web. Messages of hope went out to the city and survivors. Mantras of #BostonStrong and #PrayForBoston trended worldwide as stories of hope and heroism surfaced in the aftermath:
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A Manhunt Ends in Justice

After images of the bombing suspects were released, an armed robbery in the Boston area sparked shootouts, slayings and an intense, 24-hour manhunt that left the city in lockdown. Incredible stories surfaced throughout, showing the city from the eyes of citizens and documenting developments via live timelines up to the moment the second of two bombing suspects was in custody as the week closed:
Army on my gate; searching all houses fully armed ·
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