ManServants Startup Offers Hot Guys For Hire


Under the slogan “A Man, But Better,” a San Francisco startup wants to serve you up a man who’s part butler, part bodyguard, part cabana boy, part Rent-A-Boyfriend you don’t sleep with. frames itself not as an escort service, but as a lifestyle company that offers a less awkward event staffing option than a stripper and a level of sophistication you wouldn’t get from a typical wait staff or bodyguard.

Customers can pick how a man looks, dresses and even what name he will respond to. The business was founded by two women from the advertising industry who were not thrilled with the traditional bachelorette party routine.

The company lists its vision as this: “To empower women to make their own rules. Rules a ManServant will then follow.”

Check out the hilarious advertisement below for more info. (While not explicit, the video is probably NSFW):

ManServants is currently hiring “gentlemen performers who feel comfortable keeping their penis, and hands, to themselves.” The pay is $ 80 an hour. Details are here.

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