Making a Splash: Mission 31 Launches June 1


Recall us talking about the incredible deep sea exploration that Fabien Cousteau and Nokia are embarking on? (For a little memory jog, click here.)

Well, the countdown to Mission 31 is underway! For 31 days, Fabien Cousteau and his filmmaking team will live and work in the name of science in Aquarius, the world’s only underwater research lab. And Nokia is helping make it all interactive. This will be the first time a mission of this length has taken place in the history of Aquarius, which is deployed 63 feet beneath the sea off the coast of Florida.

Mission 31 will officially kick off on June 1, with Fabien and team emerging from the sea July 2. This will be Fabien’s first saturation dive making him the first Cousteau of his generation to become an aquanaut.

“The overarching theme for Mission 31 is the human-ocean connection within the lens of exploration and discovery,” said Fabien whose ground breaking exploration honors the 50th anniversary of the Conshelf Two mission led by his grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who is credited with creating the first ocean floor habitats for humans and taking a team of ocean explorers on the 30-day mission. “Mission 31 pays homage to my grandfather’s work and all aquanauts who have since followed his lead in the name of ocean exploration.”

And you’ll be able to get updates during the journey, thanks to Nokia. Nokia is decking out the lab with their 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 device for some incredible photos, a Nokia Lumia 1520, Skype, and Wi-Fi. The mission will focus on three main conversations:

  • + Climate change and the related challenges of ocean acidification
  • + Ocean pollution with an emphasis on the effects of plastics
  • + Overconsumption of resources with specific focus on the decline of biodiversity

The team will stay busy, spending six to nine hours a day diving for science experimentation and filming and conducting daily Skype calls with classrooms around the globe. There is even supporting curriculum. For those of us not in education, we can still follow along on Facebook or watch 24-7 at We can’t wait to keep up. Join us in wishing Fabien and team a great adventure!

See the full release here. Images courtesy Mission 31.

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