Mainstream Media and the Republican Establishment want Trump and Cruz to Fight


When candidates rise in the polls, Donald Trump attacks them. When they attack him, he fights back even harder. There’s been one notable exception – Ted Cruz. Thus far, there has been little more than a couple of minor jabs by either candidate against the other. This may change very soon.

A report from the NY Times attempted to “tattle” on Cruz for remarks he made at a private donor meeting. Then, USA Today antagonized the issue by calling for a coming battle between the two candidates by citing the NY Times story and point out that Trump was gearing up for attacks.

The reality is this: Trump doesn’t want to attack Cruz and Cruz doesn’t want to attack Trump. Long term, they both know they need each other in the general election and it’s becoming clear that the two of them plus Marco Rubio are the most likely GOP candidates. If they can go through the primaries without getting ugly with each other, they’ll both benefit. If one feels like the other must be attacked, then it could get very ugly.

Cruz tried to halt the big war before it started.

This is going to become a focus for mainstream media because they feel like Cruz may be the only person who can take down Trump. For the Republican Establishment, they’re worried about Cruz replacing Trump as the nominee, so they’d like to see Rubio move up to second before going after Trump with their full force.

It’s all a very weird situation, but conservatives should hope that the two man left standing at the end are Trump and Cruz. This is not the election to allow the Republican Establishment to put up another terrible candidate.