Look Out, Neil Young — Sony’s Got a High-Res Music Player, Too




If you think the music on your smartphone sounds pretty good, a lot of people think you’re wrong. There’s a movement to push forward “high resolution” music, which includes so much audio information, it makes the CD sound like a transistor radio.

Neil Young gave the movement a huge boost this past spring with his PonoPlayer, which blew the doors of Kickstarter to the tune of $ 6 million. Now Sony, which has a history with high-res music, is getting in on the action.

Sony’s high-resolution NWZ-A17 Walkman costs $ 299, and is like a silver version of the old iPod nano made specifically for high-res music (that is, music sampled at rates up to 24-bit/192kHz). It works just like an old iPod, too, with a touch panel below the screen that you use to control it. Read more…

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