Live from SXSW: Execs, Start Ups or Change Agents: Who Will Determine the #NewWayToWork?


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We’re pleased to bring you a live stream of our exclusive breakfast panel at SXSW on Friday March 13th at 9am CT. Watch the  paneIBMl discussion led by Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today, where we ask executives, change agents, and start ups to tackle the big questions that will determine the future of work. We will discuss the forces behind this shift – the convergence of technological innovation, greater mobility, and the entry of digital natives into the workforce. We’ll answer the question: Are we in for an evolution — or a revolution?

There are early signs of what will be required to get companies aligned with the #NewWayToWork. We’ll explore

  • Who will lead these monumental changes? Who will determine what technologies, skills and organizational principles will create successful companies?
  • Will traditional executives lead the way with a continued focus on the bottom line and shareholder value?
  • Will nimble start-ups disrupt today’s models with their laser-focus on growth and innovation?
  • What about the intrapreneur – the corporate dare devils that restlessly innovate from inside of fabled corporations?


  • David Parkinson – Head of Digital for Africa, Middle East & India at Nissan Motor Corporation
  • Lulu Gephart – Manager, Social & Earned Media at REI
  • Ben Hindman – CEO of Splash
  • Sandy Carter, General Manager IBM Cloud Ecosystem, Developers & Social Business Evangelist
  • Brian Fanzo, Chief Digital Strategist and Partner at Broadsuite

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