LittleCast Targets Brands On Facebook Seeking To Ride Video Wave


SammyHagarLittleCast650Consumption of videos has exploded on Facebook in recent months, and custom-video-player creator LittleCast has created four viral video platforms to help brands take advantage, with some big-name musical talent already on board.

The four viral video platforms from LittleCast are:

  • Sell video directly to fans, illustrated in the “So, You Think You’re Funny” comedy contest launched by LittleCast last December.
  • A marketing value exchange in which artists offer previews of their videos, making the full videos available to fans after email addresses are submitted.
  • A merchandise player that allows fans to purchase items directly via the video view.
  • A mobile player for iOS and Android devices.

Well-known artists using video players from LittleCast include Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, and Phoenix.

LittleCast CEO Amra Tareen offered more details in an email to AllFacebook:

LittleCast makes anyone’s News Feed an actual point of sale. We achieve viral scale whenever someone likes, shares, comments, or purchases inside the player. That video then goes into their Timeline and is visible in their News Feed to all of their friends, where the process starts again — real social commerce.

Using the platform is falling-down easy. Just upload a video into the player you want to use, and LittleCast generates the video player for your Timeline. Once there, it goes into your friends’ or page’s fans’ News Feeds. Every action they take (like, comment, share, play, or purchase) puts a similar player into their own Timeline, where their friends see it in their News Feeds — all the marketing is done automatically via the social graph, and it turns News Feeds into actual points of sale.

Readers: What do you think of LittleCast’s video players?

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