Listen: 12 New Sound Effects on Google+ Hangouts


Google+ Hangouts bring silliness to the chatroom with the help of a virtual toy box filled with costumes and videos for friends to share while they talk.  Now Google has added sound effects to its bag of tricks. If the hats were conversation starters, the sounds are more like conversation enders.

Explained Google product manager Amit Fulay on Google+:

Thanks to the Google Effects app, people have added reindeer antlers, and pirate hats, and moustaches to their live video feeds in Hangouts. Today we’re updating the app with a new source of entertainment: sound effects.

Now you can cue the applause when someone’s being awesome, gong them when their time’s up, or play a laugh track when you’re feeling funny. There’s a dozen different sound effects to choose from, so hang out and have some fun!

Developers can also include sound effects in their own hangout apps with v1.2 of the Hangouts API (

Once inside a Hangout, you can click on the icons to make the noise. You’ll find these little icons in the “effects” box, starting with the first 9 in the series:

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Applause, Cash Register, Crickets, Doorbell, Drama, Drumroll, Fanfare, Gong, Laughter

Scroll down to see the last three:

Left to Right: Rimshot, Sad Trombone, Ticking Clock

Here’s a quick and dirty preview of how they sound. Press play to listen.

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