LinkedIn Referrals Give Social Connections Real Value in Recruiting Process


Social sites have become an important part of the hiring process for companies as well as employees. However, both parties are at odds when it comes to the best place to connect with one another. Linkedin is releasing new tools, including an update to Recruiter and Referrals, to facilitate the acquisition of quality candidates based on social connections.

The new Referrals platform will automatically search through your employees first-degree connections and suggest them as matches with jobs are currently open at a particular company. Those employees will be able to check the referrals website for potential matches, and every two weeks those employees will receive an email informing them of the possible opportunity.

Recruiters will only receive the referrals if the candidate applies for the open jobs they have been referred to. The system also allows recruiters and companies to track various statistics, such as employee engagement with the program, and ROI.

This program could lend real credence to referrals, and codify the system of referrals online. Social media is already very important for recruiters, and social referrals are on the rise, so this system could give social connections more weight during the job search. There have been rumors of social connections affecting more than just friendships for some years now, but it seems LinkedIn has created a solid reason to leverage connections.

This new referrals system could be a real game changer. Referrals will no longer be ephemeral good words from someone on the inside, they’ll be contacts vouching for one another. Recruiting is about finding high quality candidates, and Linkedin may have created a highly targetable tool for doing just that.

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