LinkedIn Redesigns Profiles to Make You ‘Ridiculously Good Looking’


LinkedIn released a revamped profile on its mobile site and apps today, aimed at helping people break the ice. The new profile provides an at-a-glance view that prioritizes information depending on how much time you have.

The top now displays a user’s alma mater and current job, in addition to mutual connections. From LinkedIn’s blog post announcing the news:

What if, minutes before you met me for the first time, someone whispered in your ear and reminded you not only where I work (LinkedIn) and what I do (product management), but also who we both know in common, whether we overlapped any years in school, or if we worked at the same company? If you knew what we had in common or any of my interests (say biking or Latin poetry), chances are that we’ll probably have a pretty great first conversation.

With 43 percent of users visiting the site via a mobile device, the changes were rolled out on mobile first. However, the company has plans to incorporate the elements of the new mobile design to its desktop version down the road.

The project was code named “Blue Steel” internally:

We wanted to make you, our members, look really really ridiculously good looking. You’ll look great when people are viewing your profile… and you’ll look like the smartest person in the room because you’ll know what you have in common with people you’re meeting for the first time.

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