LinkedIn Lets Colleagues Cut to the Chase with One-Click Endorsements


Crafting elegant recommendations for your connections on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to build your professional network, especially when your colleagues return the favor. But let’s face it, it’s hard to find time to sit down and respond to all those endorsement requests. To ease your writing cramps, LinkedIn will now let you click a button and be done with it.

Starting September 24, you can recommend your friends based on the skills they have listed in their profiles under ”skills and expertise,” such as “strategic consulting” and “project planning.” You can also recommend any other skills that you think they might have missed. ”It just takes one click,” explained LinkedIn’s David Breger in a blog post. ”So go ahead, endorse your connections for their skills and help them show off their professional prowess.”

It may seem less thoughtful than a personal note, but don’t forget that recruiters are typing keywords into the search bar to find eligible candidates. The old recommendations might help a hiring manager who already has a stack of resumes and cover letters in hand, but it doesn’t help them find new people.

Now when recruiters are filtering through the search results for people who are competent in strategic consulting or project planning, the recruiters can see how many of the candidates’ colleagues agree with their self-reported skill sets. So if you want to be found, start clicking.

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