LinkedIn Launches New Tool to Measure Content Effectiveness


From now on, companies can measure the effectiveness and reach of their content strategy on LinkedIn. The social network has unveiled its Content Marketing Score, directed exclusively to businesses with the aim to help brands become better publishers.

Marketers need to assess the impact of their actions on social media. To do this, any tool or application metric is welcome. To facilitate the task, LinkedIn has introduced its own measurement tool available to businesses only. This tool is not limited solely to paying stocks, but also lets you know what unique users have interacted in their company pages, groups, updates or employees posts by influencers. Thus, the brand may know the percentage of people that somehow interacted with your content, recommended the content through word of mouth marketing, began to follow the business, or shared recommendations.

Furthermore, based on these results a ranking, in which results of the competition will be included, will be formed in order to help business asses the real impact of their strategy. Yes, all privately and anonymously, but using this data, companies can assess the effectiveness of their content strategy on this platform, find out what kind of publications were recorded, and overall offering a greater range to optimize their long-term strategy.
Similar to Google’s search algorithm that ranks organic content in results from search engine queries, LinkedIn will calculate metrics from the content’s performance to determine the score. Activity on a brand’s page, sponsoring a piece of content or paying to have a piece reach a target audience, employee posts in aggregate, group activity, and posts from any of the 500 people in the site’s influencer program all contribute to the score.

In addition to this classification and valuation of companies engagement generated by each organization, LinkedIn also let you know what the current issues related to the target audience of the company are. Definitely useful in guiding, and planning publications with related information.

LinkedIn is the meeting point for professionals in the online medium. This is ideal for networking and generating business opportunities, especially in the case of the B2B scenario. A platform with over 225 million users and which meets 81% of Inc. 500 companies. A broadcasting platform for generating content with indicated confidence, attract the target audience and loyal customers. Those advantages make LinkedIn to position itself over Facebook even in the case of small and medium enterprises (83 % vs. 80%).

LinkedIn has positioned itself as a leader platform in business, and works to provide more features and benefits that encourage the use of its services, and its importance as a social network.

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