LinkedIn Announces Sponsored InMail for Mobile


LinkedIn announced yesterday that it was expanding its mobile advertising platform to include Sponsored InMail. According to the blog post, the goal is to give marketers an opportunity to reach consumers where they’ll engage most: on their mobile devices.

Sponsored InMail is being billed as a powerful way to deliver customized content to LinkedIn users and “break through the limits of traditional email marketing.” According to the announcement, the system will enable marketers to achieve the following objectives:

  • Generate high quality leads
  • Boost awareness and conversions with targeted product and service promotions
  • Promote relevant content such as a infographics, white papers and industry reports
  • Send personalized invitations to events and conferences
  • Build community by driving followers and group membership on LinkedIn

“Sponsored InMail is native to the LinkedIn experience, and our members seek and value the personalized content delivered to their LinkedIn inboxes,” the blog post says. “LinkedIn members are alerted to new Sponsored InMail messages via notification on their homepage and in their LinkedIn Inbox on desktop and mobile, maximizing campaign open rates.”

For LinkedIn users who are concerned that this will open up their InMail-boxes to marketing spam, a spokesperson for the company says there are guidelines in place so users can only receive a Sponsored InMail once every 60 days. Users can also opt out of Sponsored InMail from their profiles, or using a link in the footer of a campaign.

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