Another London Fashion Week has been and gone. Milan are about to finish theirs and then it’s over to Paris for the finale. This season, whilst scouring online beauty reports and magazine features, 2 key beauty trends have stuck out for me. What’s interesting about these is that we’ve seen them before and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

When it comes to fashion week makeup trends you are pretty much guaranteed a coral or fuchsia lip for Spring/Summer and a plumy, berry hue for Autumn/Winter (or ‘Fall’ as I’ve rather unabashedly taken to calling it). But what are the trends that straddle the seasons? And why are they so unfailingly popular?

1. Natalie James makeup sports luxe James Champion Photography

Credit: James Champion Photography and Natalie James Makeup

TREND #1: Dewy Skin

A trend arguably borne out of the androgynous look of the Noughties, the ‘no-makeup makeup’ trend centres around skin that appears fresh and almost transparent. Open any magazine today and you’ll quickly notice that the models pretty much all have dewy, and in some cases almost sci-fi complexions.

Dewy skin is a dream for those with dry skin and a nightmare-about-to-happen for those with oily skin but it doesn’t need to be hard. The key to this trend is balance. Whilst a matte skin cannot be too matte (else it looks like a mask), a dewy complexion needs to appear effortless and subtle. As a makeup artist, I believe the key to achieving dewy skin is through clever layering of product.

3 Tips On How To Achieve Dewy Skin:

  1. Moisturise – it may seem an obvious one but makeup will always sit better on moisturised skin. Allow your moisturiser to sink in before you apply any makeup. For those with oily skin, be sure to use an oil-free moisturiser.
  2. Choose a lightweight liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser – using your fingers, blend outwards starting from the t-zone. Think ‘light veil’. Pressing and patting the makeup into your skin will help to warm up the product leaving you with a healthy, plumped up complexion.
  3. Finish with a little highlighter or clear balm to the tops of your cheekbones – this is an age-old trick but does wonders to lift the face and mask fine lines. The secret here, again, is thin layering. Pat using your ring finger along your cheekbones and up towards your temples.
2. Missoni SS15 image credit

Credit: Missoni SS15

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