Lego Fusion Is Digital Joy and Real-World Fun




It isn’t easy being mayor of a small, but growing town. People always want something or are hurting themselves in random accidents. You have to build, build, build and constantly remind the townspeople that there’s good stuff all around.

Yet, in the end, nurturing your own miniature community is a joy. These are the lessons of the highly-entertaining Lego Fusion: Town Master set, which I’ve been playing with for the past few days.

Lego Fusion is Lego’s first foray into virtual reality and I’d say they’ve pretty much got the knack of it. The concept is simple and builds upon much of what Lego has done in countless digital games, especially the SIM-style ones, and while most of your time will be spent playing in the tablet (Android and iOS) game, Lego Fusion Town master also regularly sends you back out into the real world to build structures that will eventually end up in your town. Read more…

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