Learn The Tactics and Social Strategies to Find Your Most Engaged Audience


This post was written by Joe Geoghan.

One of the final Masterclasses of Social Media Week pulled together a team of content creators for a panel discussion on how to build, analyze, and maintain audiences online. Presented by social activation agency The 7th Chamber, the panel included a comedian, the head of audience development at the New York Times, and experienced agency heads.

Chris Williams, a comedian and prolific Vine personality, offered insights into how he uses short-form comedy to drive traffic to his Vine account. “A lot of my audience is already on Vine, but a lot of other people aren’t. I rely on my audience to share my Vines on other sites like Twitter and Facebook to expose my content to more people and show them the value of Vine.”

Kareem Ahmed, the Head of Audience Development at the New York Times, addressed people’s concerns about cannibalizing audiences across platforms. “We’ve seen there are people who watch our video content on the New York Times’ website, but there is any entirely different audience who subscribes to us on YouTube. We realized those audiences are there for different reasons, so we try to provide content that works better for their preferred format.”

As for the demographics of those audiences, Kareem noted that a younger crowd subscribed on YouTube. Get the rest of the first edition of this event here:

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