Latest ‘Queen of the Internet’ Presentation Points to Growing Demand for User Data


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Liang Wu via Wikimedia Commons

Mary Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins venture capital firm, delivered another of her famously compelling analyses of Internet trends yesterday, suggesting that the mobile platform will continue to grow and that Facebook and other service providers will eventually succumb to financial incentives to sell users’ personal data.

The analysis shows that mobile devices continue to outpace desktop devices in purchases and use. Meeker, dubbed by many the Queen of the Internet, indicated that mobile monetization is growing fast, but that revenue from app sales continues to outpace mobile advertising.

However, corporate spending on advertising on mobile is disproportionately low compared to how much time users spend on the medium, leading Meeker to identify on opportunity in mobile advertising.

Meeker, who’s known for her uncanny ability to sniff out a trend, suggests that Facebook and other social networks will eventually capitalize on its financial opportunity to sell its users personal data.

“If Facebook can create a ‘front-end’ [user-facing interface] to massive amounts of largely new and personal ‘big data’ in spite of huge initial resistance to ‘sharing’ — think what can come to pass with ‘front-ends’ plus connections to most types of data over the next ten years,” Meeker writes.

She also highlights Facebook’s increasingly “bewildering” stance on user’s personal data.

Meeker targets a couple of areas in which more customer may see their daily lives further altered by digital media. Americans spend an average of 52 minutes per day in their cars, a time which is still rather unaffected by software, according to the analysis. They also spend more than three hours a day watching television, an activity which developers are aggressively trying to tie in to computer use. Users will also increasingly gain access to music via the Internet, Meeker indicates, thanks to the improvements in hardware and services.

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