Imagine a room filled with an interior extravaganza, everything there is just top of the class but there isn’t any appropriate lighting. Yes, it looks as bad as a cake without frosting and its details. You may have seen several great interiors without adequate lighting can simply make it look bland. I wonder why, designers treat this element with negligible importance and keep it understated when it is as important as other elements. Like Albert Hadley said, “Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.” If you are thinking of throwing a makeover for your home sweet home, keep these lighting tips in mind to enhance the overall ambiance of your décor. It is not necessarily important for you to look for those fancy chandeliers or gaudy lamp shades to illuminate a space. You can certainly play around with natural light sources to fill up a space with a more lively and dreamy feel. Here’s how you can light up the real charm of your décor and make it look fabulous without much effort.

Lights will guide you home:

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The most useful of lighting tips that you should keep in mind for that impeccable interior that looks perfect in its entirety, is to amalgamate the element of lighting with the entire theme of your décor. There is no point in treating it as something extra, your theme is made or broken from the light that shines upon it. First and foremost, maximize your chances of merging in natural light in any way possible. If the area you are designing has an enormous window that pours in sunlight in the most beautiful way then this is all you need. Keep in mind, this part of your home can use natural light only while there is sunlight so you need more lighting options to make it up for night time. Use smooth lighting that can just sweep in necessary lights needed to perform your tasks. Usually, natural light is utilized by covering the window with sheer curtains or blinds that would just bring in refined light in its purest form, giving it a homely feeling. Delicate accents with a subtle lighting can do the trick to bring life to such a space at night.

Lighting the mood:

For ages, interior designers have effectively used Lighting as a mood setting agent in various decors. While, most people think that the mood lighting technique is usually used to suppress the overall ambiance of a particular area, the case is however different from what they think. Mood lighting is usually optimized to create a rather soothing, dark yet relaxing atmosphere with lighting only where it is needed. The purpose is to minimize too much of blinding light and create an atmosphere that lights up your mood in its truest sense. To accentuate with the mood lighting technique, designers suggest you utilize it in areas like your own bedroom, outdoors, spa room, bathroom and places where you don’t perform necessary tasks.

Accentuating with accents:


When there’s a need to accentuate a certain part or element of the décor then this is where accent lighting comes to the rescue. The perfect way to bring about all the limelight to an art piece or anything, even the lighting fixture itself is to give it its own light. Thankfully, designers are now more into accent lighting or using fixtures which draw all the attention without taking the entire décor to a cluttered new level. See, how just through ample and apt lighting techniques you can minimize the need to overcrowd your design and thus ruining it? So how you can apply accent lighting within your interior? The best way to play with this lighting style is to look for areas that need more attention than they already have. If there is no such part, then create it, through adding a lamp or light fixture that is unique and will itself bring in all attention.
Lighting which is usually ignored is like the most important ingredient in your perfect interior recipe. You ignore it and you ruin the whole design. Make sure your lighting goes along with the overall theme to make everything look on point and in place.

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