LaBante is an ethical accessories brand that was established in 2006 with the idea that every woman should be able to afford luxury. They take note of the latest fashion trends, arts, and culture, and transform them into beautiful designs with British sensibility always kept in mind. At LaBante’s heart lies the ethos ‘Fashion With Respect’. The team works hard to research and source the best materials and ensure that all suppliers conform to the LaBante code, which stipulates manufacturing jewellery and handbags from ethically sourced materials in a humane manner.


What was your inspiration for the brand? 

Growing up I worked the summer holidays in my uncle’s garment manufacturing company, which supplied fashion clothing to large designer brands. Surrounded by fashion at a young age instilled a passion to work in the industry which made my heart glow the strongest. After attaining my Master’s degree in International Business in the USA I decided to become a banker, as I went along with life, having a steady job, a steady income, this was not enough for me. I decided I should go with my heart and pursue my real passion in life. Finally in 2006 I decided to start a label by the name of LaBante, which means to ‘To Truly Achieve’.

What makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace? 

Our USP is ‘Fashion With Respect’. This I think is the single most important factor in our collections and the way we do business. We are not here just to sell beautiful products we are here to make a difference.


Tell us about the 2015 Spring/Summer collection?

This season our new collection of handbags is all about adding a splash of colour into everyday life; fuchsia, ultramarine mixed with earthy shades and faux animal skin finishes. Designed in sync with the latest fashion trends, the different silhouettes have been created to meet the everyday lifestyle needs of the urban woman. From cross-bodies to totes, the collection consists of various shapes, colours and sizes to suit any occasion.

In contrast, our jewellery collection is where you can find a lot of delicate and classic pieces. Made from sterling silver, the nature inspired jewellery range incorporates beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Different coloured stones in the collection enhance the character and style of the individual pieces and make them easy to combine with every day or evening outfits.

Why did you decide on creating an ethical brand?

The main reason behind this is that we are conscious of  the fact that everything we do as a company has an impact on people, society, the environment and the planet as a whole. As an ethical brand we ensure that we manage this process in a manner where we leave behind a positive impact and still create beautiful items that people love.

What are your plans for the brand moving forward?

Going forward we will continue to promote ethical awareness and position the brand as a fashionable accessories label offering affordable goods to the conscious consumer and to spread the word internationally.

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