Kred Boosts Its Own Influence Score with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Insights Partnership


Social influence scoring site Kred may be catching up to its largest competitor, Klout. Today, the company announced a new integration with Salesforce‘s Marketing Cloud Insights.

Powered by Radian6 and Buddy Media –which Salesforce acquired in 2011 and 2012 , respectively–the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a social analytics suite that combines social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow, automation, and measurement.

Within this suite of services, the Insights feature serves to identify and explain social conversations.

Salesforce just added a number of social analytics partners, including Bitext, Calais, Caterva, EpiAnalytics, Kanjoya, LeadSift, LinguaSys, Lymbix, Metavana, PeekAnalytics, Rapleaf, Solariat, Soshio, The SelfService Company, and Trendspottr.

Kred, along with Caterva and Trendspottr, will join existing partner Klout in the Influence category.

Specifically, Kred’s data serves as an “indicator of influence acceleration behind a keyword or trend,” explained Kred’s Shawn Roberts via phone.

In other words, Kred takes a look at the keywords, phrases, hashtags or topic profiles that are popular on Twitter and compares them to the influence scores of the people who are doing the talking.

This helps companies pinpoint specific people who are most influential in perpetuating a particular trend and measures how much other people are, in turn, being influenced by the social content they see.

Klout emerged as the premiere influence scoring system in 2008 with an algorithm for sifting through people’s tweets and assigning them a conversational style as well as a score – a fun way for Twitter addicts to carve out a niche within a specific online community.

Kred launched in 2011 as a more transparent alternative to Klout, meaning that the user could see the contents of individual Tweets as far back as 1,000 days. (Klout has since added a “Moments” feature to show a user’s most influential moments in the last 90 days.) Both companies have added integrations with Facebook and other networks, as well as rewards programs that pair brands with influential users.

But for Kred, enterprise solutions have become a real area of growth. The company’s alliance with a software giant like Salesforce adds to its, well, “kredibility.” Said Roberts, “It’s a general push toward the acceptance of Kred as a real alternative.”

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