Kimberly Nichole Shines With “House of The Rising Sun” on “The Voice”


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Tonight was a night of great competition on “The Voice.” The top twelve competed with each other to survive another week and make it into the top ten. There were some clear stars that rose to the top of the competition tonight. In my opinion, Kimberly Nichole was one of those stand out performances. She showed America why she deserves to be on this show and why she just may be “The Voice” of this season.

If Kimberly Nichole would indeed become “The Voice,” it would make her the first winner from Team Christina in the show’s history. I wouldn’t count out Sawyer Fredericks or India Carney just yet though. They both have extremely strong, unique vocals and a fan base. That automatically makes them strong competition for Kimberly Nichole. If you missed her performance, you can view it below:

Tonight was a stand out night for Kimberly Nichole. She not only got a standing ovation from the crowd, but also from all four coaches. Pretty impressive! I knew she could sing, but WOW, she REALLY sang tonight. That is the kind of intensity that could win this competition.

I’ll admit that she took me by surprise. I came into tonight’s show thinking we would see Sawyer come out on top again and she seemed to be running in the middle of the pack. After that performance I think it’s safe to say that Kimberly Nichole is now officially on the list of people that the competition should be very scared of.

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Twitter was lighting up with praise for Kimberly Nichole after her stand out performance of “House of the Rising Sun.” It seems America couldn’t get enough of her performance and that’s really important at this stage of the game.

I think we have just scratched the surface of Kimberly Nichole’s talent and what she can offer this competition. She definitely has what it takes to win, “The Voice.” She is incredibly talented and she picked the perfect time to have a stand out performance. I feel pretty confident that she will be sticking around this week. Who are your top picks for the week?

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