Kickstarter Pitch Offers Full Refund Of Pledges … If Facebook Buys Company For $2B


Terribands650Projects on Kickstarter often promise certain perks to donors, and Eric Calisto, creator of party game Terribands, guaranteed to refund all pledges, under one condition: Facebook must acquire his game for $ 2 billion.

Calisto described Terribands as “a terrible game with a terrible name,” adding:

A party game using headbands. What’s on your head? A drunk girl? Someone getting gay married? Mrs. Claus? You have to guess!

I guarantee:

  • The game has been play-tested countless times and remains a favorite (I hope I’m not too biased on this one).
  • I will always take feedback into consideration, whether it is positive or negative.
  • I will share my Kickstarter experience (whether it is successful or not) to help others who are interested in starting a campaign of their own.

If you back my project I guarantee:

  • Genuine conversation through project comments.
  • Consistent updates about the project status.
  • Value from the experience and product.
  • You will not only receive consistent updates, but honest updates, as well.
  • If I get acquired by Facebook for $ 2 billion, you will get your money back!

While acquisitions in the billions of dollars are nothing new for Facebook — which scooped up immersive virtual reality technology company Oculus VR for $ 2 billion last month and cross-platform mobile messaging company WhatsApp for a whopping $ 19 billion in February — $ 2 billion for “a terrible game with a terrible name” is more than likely pushing it.

Readers: What did you think of Calisto’s Kickstarter pitch?