Justin Bieber Deletes Tweet Of New Banksy Tattoo (Twitter Reacts)


Justin Bieber Deletes Tweet Of New Banksy Tattoo (Twitter Reacts) image Justin Bieber Tattoo of Banksy Art

Justin Bieber posted a shot of his new Banksy tattoo on Twitter and then immediately removed the evidence. Thankfully the internet never forgets and always keeps the evidence alive.

Bieber has become a canvas for tattoo artists over the last few years, and typically he shows off his tattoos for the world to see, which makes his decision to remove his tattoo tweet a bit odd. Perhaps Bieber didn’t fall in love with his new tattoo, or maybe he wants some touch ups before he shows it off again.

That tattoo is of a Banksy street mural of a young girl letting go of a red balloon. There is nothing really controversial about the tattoo, if anything it shows that Justin Bieber is a lover of street art.

Other tattoos featured by Bieber include a cool koi fish, tiger, his mom’s eye, a dumb jester, and many others.

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Bizzle has left the picture up on his “Shots” account:

[Photo Credit: ElHormiguero]

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