June’s Champion of the Month


Ryan Mahan is our latest GetSatisfaction Champion and Champion of the Month! Ryan is from Charlton, Massachusetts, a town about an hour away from Boston. He is fairly new to Prezi and our discussion forum, which is very impressive that he has already navigated his way around our site and taught himself great tips and tricks. What’s even more striking is that Ryan is still in High School and the youngest Prezi Champion!

How did you become involved in the Prezi GetSatisfaction forum?
My cousin, Drew Banks is the head of marketing for Prezi. We were talking about building prezis and he convinced me to try it. I played around a bit and thought it was really cool. He then mentioned the forum and I decided to get on and start helping people out. It was something I enjoyed, so I continued going on and helping.

Why do you think Prezi is so important for Generation Y?
I think Prezi is very important for my generation because it allows us to be captivated and learn more from a presentation. People in this generation have a shorter attention span because of new technology coming towards us. I helped lead a Boy Scouts of America leadership course once and we did all of our presentations in PowerPoint. Most of our audience was asleep by the end of the presentation, and looking back, I think the course could’ve gone better if we had used Prezi instead.

In what area of Prezi (or what topic) do you feel you have helped the most users out with?
I feel like I’ve helped out a lot with people viewing their prezis online or offline. It seems like those are just about half of all the questions I help solve.

Is there more you would like to learn about Prezi? Is there a specific person who has helped you with what you know now?
Yes, every time I log on to work on a prezi, it seems like I find something new. I’d love to learn more about themes and trying to get the perfect theme for one of my prezis. Also, Drew has taught me some of the basics to making a good Prezi presentation.

What is your favorite feature to use in Prezi?
My favorite feature is the PowerPoint upload capability. I was able to take one of my PowerPoints, which I used to do a Soccer refereeing course, and make a prezi out of it. I’m still working on it though, and optimizing it for Prezi.

Tell our users one interesting thing they don’t know about you?
Something most users probably don’t know about me is that I run Linux. I use to use Windows, but once I switched over to Linux I couldn’t bring myself to switch back. Currently I run Linux Mint Maya.


Ryan Mahan