Judge finds in favor of Life360 in fight with patent troll, awards almost $700k in legal fees


Last year, I wrote about the slightly wonderful response sent by Life360’s CEO Chris Hulls to a patent troll. 

The response, which began “Dear piece of shit,” made clear to Florida-based Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) that Life360 would rather die than settle another baseless payment claim. 

As Hulls told me at the time: AGIS was “probably our 4th or 5th patent troll.  Previously, we would just pay these guys off.  Timing was never right for a fight as we always were working on some big deal or fundraise, and the specter of a lawsuit, even a bs one, was scary.” 

Scared or not, Hulls stuck to his word and Life360 fought back against AGIS, eventually spending nearly $ 700k in legal fees. And, remarkably, the gamble paid off: A judge found in favor of Life360 and, earlier this week, ordered AGIS to pay $ 685,190.25 in fees, describing AGIS’s case as “exceptionally weak.” The judge did, however, rule that fees paid to expert witnesses could not be reclaimed…

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