Join SMT's Tweetchat About Meerkat: #MeerkatChat


Join us this Friday at 2PM EST on Twitter for a tweetchat about Meerkat. We’ll be using the hashtag #MeerkatChat, and I’ll be tweeting from my handle, @robincarey. Read on for some background.

Meerkat, the live, online video streaming app dominated a lot of discussions at SXSW. People were broadcasting their meetings, panels, and spur of the moment discussions. But the online video sensation has recently drawn criticism over privacy concerns

On Monday, Y Combinator, the start-up accelerator, held the first leg of its two-day demo pitch, an invite-only event in which startups pitch investors and journalists. During the presentations, the president of Y Combinator asked the people in attendance to quit “meerkating,” citing the potential for violating SEC rules. (He didn’t elaborate, but he could be referring to rules that prohibit companies from soliciting funding from small-time investors.)  

Privacy issues can also be a concern when you’re filming someone other than yourself or willing participants. Furthermore, Meerkat potentially has implications for copyright infringement—i.e., brand logos being worn by people captured on video. 

Whether you’re a fan of this new app and its possibilities or filled with foreboding at the idea of widespread streaming, there’s obviously plenty to talk about — so be sure to set aside some time, starting at 2PM on Friday, to tweet about the potentials and possible pitfalls of Meerkat: #MeerkatChat. (And if you don’t already subscribe, follow us on Twitter @socialmedia2day.)

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