Job Post Statistics Reveal the Social Media Skills Employers Want in 2013


Employers are moving away from general social media skills in favor of proficiency with specific platforms, according to statistics from employment website

Scanning through the site’s job listings for related keywords, Indeed analysts found that within the job descriptions, more employers were looking for specialists: requests for “Twitter” skills have risen 44 percent since 2012, while the need for “Instagram” skills has gone up a whopping 644 percent in the year since Facebook purchased the photo-sharing app.

It’s not too much of a surprise, considering how these platforms have come to define their metrics in different ways, which means not all platforms will be right for all businesses.

Facebook, for example, is carving out its role as a digital extension of word-of-mouth marketing, with friend recommendations powering every ad. Facebook-owned Instagram has “been about helping people capture moments in a way they’re proud of,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the company’s most recent earnings call, but it doesn’t yet have a business model.

study by Columbia Business School professor Olivier Toubia and University of Pittsburgh assistant professor Andrew T. Stephen suggests that Twitter, in contrast, will primarily serve as a place for celebrities, publishers, and brands to push out their content to their audience’s feeds — kind of like television — rather than a place to start conversations.

The rise of niche platforms may be one reason why the number jobs with the general phrase “social media” in the title has decreased by 9 percent in the last year, but overall usage of the word “social media” is up 28 percent compared to 2012.

“Social media is declining as a job title as roles get more specialized to specific platforms,” Amy Crow, communications director for told the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ article highlights the job site’s findings to illustrate the growing demand for social media specialists, but also says that these skills aren’t necessarily won by earning a degree. What do you think?

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