Jimmy Fallon Gets People To Show Their Google Search History. Things Get Weird.


If you’re in marketing, advertising, or any business that uses Google Ads, you typically discuss the strategy behind them, how to reach people in new ways, and ultimately, what will get individuals and companies to purchase your product or use your service.

Now that Google Ads can use your search history and other formats for targeting, it raises the question of what people are really searching for on Google? Of course, we know our own, personal searches, but we never truly get to see others’ history. But, thanks to Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show, some very willing individuals around New York City opened up their smartphones and Google search history for the pleasure of others.

Let’s just say, things got a bit weird. From searching “Google” on Google, to recipes for a New York staple, we can’t quite put these Google searches into words.

Director of Content, Crowdcentric

Tyler is the Director of Content at Crowdcentric. Previously, he studied and worked in sports, entertainment, and events, and assisted with the social media and marketing efforts for Six Flags, the National Hockey League, the NYC Marathon, and New York University. Tyler has an affinity for sports, craft beer, podcasts, dog parks, and travel.

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