Jamie Oliver’s Cocktail Request Week Mixes Community Storytelling with Amazing Drinks


It’s five o’clock somewhere – especially when celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver decides to partner with Bacardi and turn over his popular “Drinks Tube” YouTube channel to the social media masses for a 5-day Cocktail Request Week.

The effort, which ends on August 1st, combines a pop-up studio inside the Old Street Tube Station in East London’s trendy Shoreditch with a social media campaign to crowdsource cocktail inspiration from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The team at Convince and Convert provided an overview of the program, and shares what we can learn from their efforts.

In order to participate, fans are asked to share a specific cocktail, moment, flavor, place or occasion with the hashtag #CocktailRequest. From there, various hosts like DJ BBQ and expert bartender Rich Hunt, have been tasked with translating the crowdsourced inspirations into five unique cocktail recipe videos per day.


Fans in London could stop by and watch as the team mixed the drinks and filmed the videos inside Old Street Station. (Unfortunately, the team couldn’t sample the delicious drinks due to local regulations.)


Look closer at the videos and each tells a story. One fan, Laura, was so inspired by her Northern Lights marriage proposal, that she asked the Drinks Tube team to create a themed drink for her wedding. The team made her an “Alaura Borealis” cocktail, complete with Grey Goose Le Poire vodka, St Germain elderflower liqueur, prosecco, cloudy apple, lemon juice and cucumber swirls for the garnish.


Another fan, who shared a photo of a delicious watermelon from a beach holiday, asked the team to help recreate their vacation in a cocktail. The team whipped up a “Guanabana Banger,” described as a “cheeky little cocktail” with Bacardi white rum, fresh watermelon, guanabana juice, tamarind sauce and lime, served in a conch shell to drink with friends.


The team has also gotten various celebrities, YouTube stars and other influencers involved in the fun. For example, when popular singer Ed Sheeran tweeted a request for a drink with either cucumber or coffee, the team jumped at the chance. The cocktail, called the Ed Sheeran Shake, is a decadent blended drink with Dewar’s Scotch whisky, Benedictine herbal liqueur, black coffee and vanilla ice cream.

To check out all the delicious details and what you can learn from them, read the full article here.

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