Jack White Hates The Chicago Cubs [Photo]


Did someone force Jack White to go to a Chicago Cubs game? The White Stripes singer was spotted in the stands at Wrigley Field earlier this week and he doesn’t look too happy about it.

Jack White Hates The Chicago Cubs [Photo] image jack white go cubs go

Judging by the photo alone, we can draw several conclusions about Jack White.

  • He hates baseball.
  • He hates the Chicago Cubs.
  • He hates that stupid song the Cubs play at the end of games.
  • He hates fun.
  • He hates you.

Jack White is in Chicago for a pair of shows at the Chicago Theatre and the Auditorium Theatre. He obviously had some time to kill while in the Windy City and accidentally thought that he would have a good time visiting Wrigley Field.

The photo quickly went viral and spawned several jokes and memes.

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So, do you think Jack White was just caught on camera making a momentary grumpy face? Or is he just incredibly upset that he’s being forced to watch the Chicago Cubs.

photo credit: mosesxan via photopin cc

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