Jack Dorsey: Hair today…


I’ve been following Jack Dorsey’s recent career moves with the rapt, but fleeting, attention one might pay to an escaped helium balloon.

I’ve read some of the coverage, including here on Pando, suggesting that Dorsey’s decision to split his time between Twitter and Square could harm both companies. And of course, like you, I’m far beyond sighing point at the comparisons being drawn between Dorsey and Steve Jobs. By now the only person not tired of those comparisons is Dorsey himself — even Jobs has stopped spinning in his grave.

Here’s what I haven’t read, or heard: A single person at Square bemoaning Dorsey’s half-departure from his job there. When Jobs announced, due to declining health, that he’d have to reduce his role at Apple, the streets were filled with weeping, tooth-gnashing Apple employees. “How can we go on with Steve?!” “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” Certainly, had Apple been planning an IPO at the time of the announcement, those plans would likely be scrapped or certainly delayed.

At Square: Silence. No weeping or wailing and certainly no signs that the company is changing any of its plans to reflect the fact that their boss’ attentions are occupied elsewhere. Quite the opposite, in fact. This past week, Square filed its S-1, ahead of an IPO. The prospectus contained only the briefest acknowledgment — one single sentence, buried below many, many other risk factors — that the company was lacking half a captain…

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