It Came From Quora: How To Make A Website Go Viral


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I don’t know how many of you know who Emerson Spartz is, but he’s smarter than I am. Especially when it comes to viral marketing. There’s not many people I’m comfortable saying that about. Not out of arrogance, mind you, because there certainly are people smarter than me, but I’m very competitive. I want to be the best in my field by a mile. Unfortunately, when it comes to viral marketing, I’m not where I want or need to be. At least publicly. Most people just know me for being the Social Media Is Bullshit guy. That’s nice, but it’s not the whole story. I mean, c’mon, I got  my cat involved with a presidential election! That’s gotta be worth something, right? Right? Hey, where are you going?!

Ok. Ok. Let’s get back on track. In order to get to where I want to be (the top viral marketing guy in the world … I know. I’m so lame), Emerson recommended I spend some time on Quora learning everything I can about the stuff I don’t know. Not a lot of you probably use Quora, but you should. It’s a great resource, there’s not a lot of stupidity on there, and you can learn quite a bit. Plus hey, you might run into me answering questions about viral marketing and virality. Because of course … that’s what I do with myself on a beautiful Saturday afternoon instead of interacting with nature. Hey, the same can be said for you. Why the hell are you reading this right now? Go use Instapaper and read this later. Like on a bus or something. That’s what I do. Ah Instapaper, how would I survive my bus rides to NYC without you?

I don’t know if we’ll make this a regular feature at SocialTimes, but here’s the answer I wrote to a question concerning how to make a “non-techie customer focus” website go viral. Enjoy! continued…

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