Is Your Twitterless Child At A Digital Disadvantage?


Can you hear the pitter-patter of little tweets?

Creating Twitter accounts for babies is a growing trend among new parents, but is it all just a bit too much?

Of course, it’s natural to find your kid adorable, funny and fascinating — and it’s normal to want to share that — but you’re at risk of coming across as being very obnoxious. After all, there’s only so much you can say on behalf of a newborn baby.

Parents who create a Twitter handle with the view to hold the account for their child might have the right intentions, but by the time these kids are old enough to use Twitter, will the rest of us still be on it?

And will these kids appreciate the baby-tweets posted on their behalf — you know, the ones about diapers and attempts to chew the dog’s tail?

On the subject of dogs — tweeting as your kid is not much better than having a Facebook page for your pet. You might think it’s cute, but you’re probably the only one.

But maybe these over-eager parents have the right idea. They want what’s best for their kid, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Are these parents really that much different to those who register their kids for good schools long before they can walk?

Perhaps having a digital footprint at such a young age will benefit these children in the long run — they’ll be saved from the awkward tween phase of bad screen-names and embarrassing Twitter handles. At the same time, though, that’s kind of a rite of passage.

Reserving a web domain and an email account under your child’s name are both practical, and are things your kid are likely to thank you for when they grow up. But, with the world of social media changing so rapidly, it’s unlikely that the platforms we use today will still exist — yet alone appeal to trend-conscious teens — in fifteen years’ time.

Photo Credit: the UMF Compfight

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