Is Wells Fargo the Most Social Bank?


Have you ever thought about how social your bank is?

Viralheat, a social media marketing firm, thought about it, and created the following infographic measuring just how “social” the national banks are.

Here are the highlights:

  • Wells Fargo leads in mentions across social media, with 21,135.
  • Capital One wins the Facebook “likes” race, with some 2.8 million.  In contrast, Bank of America comes in second with just more than 1 million on the social network.
  • The bank with the smallest social media reach is the Cleveland, OH, based KeyBank.

The good news for customers is that none of the 11 banks analyzed had a greater sentiment measurement than another, according to social media.

Banks are a tightly regulated industry, which makes their social media policies and usage possibly more restricted than companies in a less regulated arena.

Are you surprised by these results? How does your bank measure up on social media?

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