Is Tumblr The New Social Music Source?


Tumblr Band

When MySpace re-launched last year, it seemed like it found its niche as a music portal of sorts. This wasn’t to say that it would take over the more renowned platforms like Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity but it didn’t necessarily have to.

All that it would have to do is offer something unique compared to the competition. In my view, neither Facebook nor Twitter explored the music spectrum at length. With this in mind, shouldn’t MySpace be considered a “social music source” of sorts?

If Tumblr has a say in it, perhaps not the greatest.

According to an article on Forbes, the Arctic Monkeys were able to gain tremendous traction this past June. The reason for this was the release of their music video for, “Do I Wanna Know?” Even though it was able to attract 45 million views, it gained even more through a different platform. On the microblogging site known as Tumblr, users not only liked and reblogged the video but created sets of .gif images depicting the video in question.

The power of Tumblr is a force that’s hard to deny. Users who frequent this particular social media platform can make even the most seemingly mundane pieces of content popular. For example, you probably wouldn’t think that a .gif of a dog rolling over on a rug until it was rolled up in it would be so popular. It would be endearing, yes, but to say that it would gain traction would be tough to predict. However, with the right amount of followers and captions that are able to grab anyone’s attention, such content can become viral.

Music is no exception, which is great for those who are not exactly limited with their hobbies. This is especially noteworthy when considering that online marketing firms might have seen an outcry in response to Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr. Would Tumblr’s content be negative affected? Marissa Mayer, CEO and President of Yahoo made it a point to stress, “We really want to let Tumblr be Tumblr and let Yahoo be Yahoo.” It’s understandable that there are still those who are apprehensive about taking the word of Yahoo officials. So far, though, there haven’t been any life-changing ad placements or saturation that users might have been fearful of.

Back to the subject of music, can Tumblr knock MySpace off of its pedestal and seize its niche in the process? Tumblr is in the fortunate position of ownership underneath a global entity in Yahoo. What this means is that Yahoo’s services stand a chance of being utilized. One can make the argument that Yahoo! Music can serve a purpose but the way in which it could be implemented would have to be taken into heavy consideration. Would it become a vital part of Tumblr’s structure going forward or would it be, more or less, its own entity?

Do you feel like Tumblr has the ability to become a more audio-focused social media channel, if that endeavor is undertaken? Please leave your thoughts below!

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