Is Technology Impacting Your Email Conversion Rate?


It’s a fact of life. As technology changes, so must your marketing.

Today, many of your followers read your emails on retina display devices. While that doesn’t seem to be a big problem yet, it could start affecting you soon.

What’s the deal with retina display? Since the display has such a high resolution, standard images don’t render well. They get fuzzy and ugly.

MailChimp explains it this way:

“The reason for that ugliness is an increase in PPI, or Pixels Per Inch, the measurement of the number of pixels spread across an inch of screen space. As displays get better and better, this number climbs higher. This increase has doubled the CSS pixel ratio of these displays from 1 to 2 (quirksmode explains here), so that a high-density display now has double the resolution of an older one; in the case of an iPhone 4s you go from a resolution of 480×320 to one of 960×640 instead, on the same 3.5 inches of screen.

“The increased definition makes the small images we all use across the web — icons, logos, etc. — look fuzzy and unfocused.”

If users can’t read your emails or consider them ugly, they won’t click through. Fewer clickthroughs means fewer conversions. Period.

Apple’s probably to blame. Never mind that we love the improved display their devices provide. But it won’t stop there. Once one brand introduces a new technology, others pick it up. It won’t be long before retina display will become the standard.

So it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. This infographic from EmailMonks explains more about the issue with retina display and then tells you how to create retina email.

Retina Email: Overhauling User Experience

retina email


Have you tried creating retina emails? What’s your experience?

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