Is “Megafoot” Crowdsourcing’s New Craze?



If there is anything that can be said about nostalgia, it’s that its power is unlike anything else. It’s easy for anyone over a certain age to feel it, whether it’s due to hearing a song from his or her childhood mixed tape or recalling a familiar name from the Brat Pack. Whatever the case may be, it seems like nostalgia is among the many aspects associated with Project: MEGAFOOT, one of the latest Indiegogo products that is in the funding process.

For those who do not know, “Megafoot” is an independent horror movie that has been seen as a throwback to movies of old within the horror genre. The star of the movie is a robotic beast of sorts known as Megafoot. While under the surveillance of a group of scientists, something goes terribly wrong. After that, Megafoot becomes, to put it simply, violent. Can the scientists put an end to this project turned awry or will it be the experiment that spells the end for the experimenters?

By this summary, it’d be easy to assume that this film is nothing short of a portal to violence but the fact that there is a clear 80’s influence is hard to deny. By simply watching the trailer, it’s easy to see that while a sense of dread is present in the films, it’s not one that can be connected to horror movies in the mainstream today like “Oculus.” More often than not, even as someone who grew up during the 90’s, I felt like reaching for my Nintendo Entertainment System from the 80’s while watching said trailer.

Speaking of which, did you know that the NES is linked to one of the perks of the project?

Like many Indiegogo endeavors, the offered rewards for Project: MEGAFOOT are broken up into tiers. For example, anyone who pledges $ 25 to the project would be eligible for, amongst other things, a download for the Production Storyboards for the opening scene of “Megafoot.”  However, for those who pride themselves on being spendthrifts, pledging $ 150 would not only net a backer the rewards from the lower tiers but a limited-edition “Megafoot” video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System as well. To say that this would be a reason to dust off the NES would be an understatement.

This is an impressive perk on so many levels. It’s clear that those who pride themselves on being NES enthusiasts would like to get their hands on this game, to further complete their NES game collections if for no other reason. It also shows that Project: MEGAFOOT is heavily influenced by the 80’s, not only in regards to horror movies but other types of media, too. Once again, it’s a matter of nostalgia and any online marketing firm can attest to the idea that this project has it in quantities that perhaps even the monster called Megafoot would be envious of.

As of this writing, the Indiegogo for Project: MEGAFOOT has raised around $ 17,300 out of the goal of $ 35,000. With only four days left for funding, one has to wonder if the project will reach its goal. If it is able to make up the difference before the goal in question is reached, I would have reason to believe that “Megafoot” could become the latest crowdsourcing craze.

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