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Since I work for a company that produces blogger outreach software, I’m quite familiar with the topic. Whether it’s GroupHigh’s software or another company in our space, I asked my sales team to put together a thought out list of reasons why digital marketers and PR professionals decide to stop doing blogger outreach the manual way and opt for a tool to streamline the process.

I also asked them to put together a list of reasons why some marketers decide that they don’t need a tool to help their outreach efforts. Here is all their insight!

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you decide whether or not you need a blogger outreach tool, let’s get “your head in the game” and a clear picture of where you want to take your strategy with blogger outreach, where you excel and where your strategy could use some help.

These questions are not all encompassing, rather, to get the wheels turning and your mind immersed in blogger outreach needs.

Do you wish you had more time to dedicate to nurturing relationships?

YES: The value of ongoing relationships is worth the weight in gold. When a blogger works with your brand and mentions you on an ongoing basis, the mention carries more weight and thus elicits more action from consumers.

The catch is that these relationships take a lot of time and work. So if you are spending more time researching bloggers than growing relationships you may want to look in to an outreach tool.

NO: If you feel like a lot of your relationships are ongoing and you are dedicating adequate time to them then you may be on the right track already.

Do you plan to grow your blogger outreach?

YES: The manual time it takes to find and organize blogger outreach efforts probably makes up for cost of a tool with time saved and the ability to find really specific bloggers.

NO: Unless your uber unorganized then you probably don’t need a tool.

Have you had trouble finding niche bloggers as opposed to genre bloggers?

YES: I think this is one of the most valuable assets of a blogger outreach tool. The allow you to search for bloggers by really specific topics.

NO: If you’re answering no because you have enough “niche” bloggers that you’re working with then you are probably on the right track. If you’re answering no because you don’t want niche bloggers, you’re okay with genre bloggers then you should probably re-evaluate your entire strategy.

Do you know your current blogger response rate?

YES: Good job for being organized and tracking your outreach! If your response rate is good enough then you must have a way of researching and personalizing blogger communications. If you know your response rate but think it could leave a little to be desired then an outreach tool can help you find the RIGHT bloggers to reach out to and help you find little “gems” to help you personalize communication—both increase response rates.

NO: Do the math on your blogger response rates from the last 30 days. If you think your response rates are “meh” or bad then you may want to check out a tool so you can pitch better.

Are you personalizing your outreach emails?

YES: If you are finding enough gems and time to read through a blogger’s content enough to personalize all outreach emails then you may not need a tool.

NO: Your pitch to bloggers is your only chance to make a good impression. You should only be sending out personalized emails. Period. A tool can streamline this process if it’s a time issue.

Does reach matter to you?

YES: Researching bloggers is time consuming. When you find one who is a good fit you then have to research traffic data and social following. A blogger outreach tool would do this for you.

NO: You are probably on the right track without a tool then. I am a fan of contextual qualifiers over numerical.

Why A Tool May Be Necessary

The following reasons of why a blogger outreach tool may be a necessary addition to your toolbox are answers given to me my different member of the sales team here when I asked them to think about the top reasons that our clients purchase our software.

  • You want to scale blogger outreach.
  • Discovery. Who to find whether it’s by niche, location, reach or other metrics.
  • Pitching. A tool can help you pitch bloggers better. Some ways they do this are by surfacing the right posts to reference, immediate info from their “about me” section and other things to reference allowing you to write an awesome pitch.
  • Organization. If you are having trouble managing your relationships or have a lot of hands in your outreach program then a tool is a great way to keep organized.
  • Showing results or ROI. If you are reporting to a higher up or client you should probably look seriously at a tool. They all of reporting features and help you calculate ROI.

Why to Not Choose a Tool

The following reasons are reasons why potential consumers decide that they don’t need a tool for where they are at in their blogger outreach.

  • You want to create a small network of bloggers that you don’t plan to grow.
  • You already have enough relationships with bloggers.
  • You feel your system for tracking and organizing relationships is effective.
  • You’re not concerned about the time you spend dedicated to blogger outreach.

Now That You’re Clear

If you’ve decided you don’t need a tool then keep up the good work and remember to stay inspired through case studies and examples of what other brands are doing. We share plenty of those right here!

If you think you need a tool, don’t worry you have plenty of time to research and test out a few before committing. As far as I know all of us blogger outreach platforms offer free trials so that you can find the one that works for you. Here is a list of all the popular tools is this space.


GroupHigh (full disclosure: this is my company)



What is your favorite blogger outreach tool and why? Please share your input in the comments and let’s get an awesome discussion going about this!

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