Is It Me or are Most of the ‘Refugees’ Young Men?


A couple of weeks ago, I chastised someone on social media for pointing out that the pictures coming from Europe seemed to show men, mostly young and able-bodied, as the bulk of the refugees coming over from the Middle East. I pointed out that what we see is through the eyes of the journalists, may of whom I assumed were promoting an agenda of some sort.

Then, I started looking at more. And more. And more. When my wife pointed out the same thing, it made me curious, so I started watching videos. And more videos. And more videos.

By golly, they may have a point.

Here’s an image from yesterday’s NY Times, a publication that is known for left-leanings and not known for promoting conspiracy theories.

Male Syrian Refugees

We’re not into conspiracy theories, either. I’m going to stick (loosely) to my original premise that there are plenty of women and children in the mix. To say otherwise would be erroneous even if we believe that there definitely seems to be a lot of men without wives or kids tagging along. It got me thinking, though. Would I leave? If America was ruled by an unpopular dictator (no need for jokes – I know what you’re thinking), had a rebel group fighting for freedom, and had an extremist army trying to muscle in, would I run? Would I try to fight my way across the border if I didn’t have a wife or kids?

It’s futile to try to compare situations. I’m not walking in their shoes and I’m living in a country that has taken great care of me over the years. However, I do know that I’d rather fight to secure the future of my family and country rather than opportunistically try to impose myself on others.

To clarify (before I’m called a bigot), I’m describing one very particular demographic and situation: young enough to fight, healthy, unmarried, and without children. I’m not saying this because I’m some macho man. It’s a matter of practicality. Knowing that there were women, children, elderly, and other more needy types of people fighting for limited space in countries that don’t really want us, I couldn’t imagine imposing myself or taking away someone else’s spot.

One can say that the current regime is bad, the rebels are bad, and the Islamic State is worst of all and therefore there’s no opportunity in Syria. Fine. There’s apparently very little patriotism in Syria and understandably so. However, I cannot imagine being in that situation and wanting to go to Europe where the majority is against my presence unless I wanted to change the status quo in their…

Ahhhh. I get it.