iPhone-Friendly WTFJeans Protect You From Water, Radiation




Four years after it launched its first iPhone-friendly jeans, Zagreb, Croatia-based startup WTFJeans has “upgraded” its product to version 3.

The main feature of WTFJeans 3 is still a microfiber-lined, iPhone-friendly pocket. The pockets (there are two) are optimized for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S and it cleans your device’s screen as you pull it out

The biggest improvement is something that the project’s founder, Pedja Puselja, claims hasn’t been done in the world of gadget-friendly jeans: WTFJeans 3 are coated with a nano-layer that protects the jeans (and the iPhone inside them) from light rain and spills. It also holds other liquids at bay, including wine and oil, protecting — to a degree — your jeans from getting dirty Read more…

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