iPhone Beats Android and BlackBerry in Resale Value, Overall Cost


In a recent poll, we asked Mashable readers what they plan on doing with their old iPhones. Of the more than 900 respondents, 31% said they plan to sell theirs in order to buy another piece of tech while 25% said they planned on passing the outdated phone to a family member. You can see the complete poll results here.

These results aren’t surprising. That’s because after 18 months iPhones retain an 53% of its resale value –- 11% higher than Android and 12% over BlackBerry, a report by Priceonomics found in February.

Those numbers are a reflection of the total cost of ownership. “The iPhone hardware only costs you $ 13.20 per month if you resell it at the end of 18 months. Androi…
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