iPad 4: A Turbocharged Tablet With Nothing to Do [REVIEW]


Apple’s Fourth-Generation iPad

The iPad 4 looks almost exactly the same as its predecessor, the iPad 3. Apart from the Lightning connector, they appear identical, but the iPad 4 has a much more powerful processor the A6X. It also has a better front-facing camera and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. It still starts at $ 499 for a 16GB model (Wi-Fi only).

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I’ve spent the last few days checking out the fourth-generation iPad, looking — no, hunting — for ways Apple‘s new flagship tablet differentiates itself from the previous model. While it’s hardly coal mining, it been an extremely challenging task.

iPad 4 looks almost exactly the same as what I’ll refer to from now on as the iPad 3, the tiny Lightning connector port being the only sign this is a different product. While Apple has found a new love for progress in debuting the fourth-gen iPad a mere six months after iPad 3 (its mobile products used to iterate on tight annual schedule), it’s clearly not messing with success.

It’s also not going to do anything to upstage the pretty young…
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