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Storify Business gives expert storytellers new features, including private stories, custom story styling and enhanced support

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Thu, Apr 18 2013 10:03:47

We’re thrilled to announce a new way for all our users to get even more from Storify.

As you may know, we recently launched a VIP plan for larger organizations. The response was overwhelming, and we realized that we wanted to offer similar benefits to all our users.

Today, we’re announcing Storify Business, which gives expert storytellers new features, including private stories, custom story embeds and enhanced support:

– Private stories: Give your stories some privacy. Private stories are only visible via a special, secure link, so they’re ideal for internal reports, company communications or personal research. Capture what people are saying on social media about a brand, product, a marketing campaign or an event and share it with a limited audience.
– Custom story embeds: Your stories, your style. With customized embeds, stories now match the design of your blog or branding. You can change headers of story embeds to remove Storify branding, and change colors and fonts.
– Enhanced support: We mean business. Your account comes with increased support and priority ticketing.

You can join Storify Business for our limited, introductory pricing starting at $ 59 a month, a discount from the regular price of $ 99. You can find more details here:

To upgrade your account, go to your user settings page.

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Storify Business will be most valuable for businesses and organizations who use Storify for both internal reporting and publishing. Storify started with journalism, given our background from that world. But we have seen that simply being able to curate and record social media has so much value beyond the news. Current corporate reporting methods for social media — like pasting screenshots into Powerpoint — are cumbersome and lose links to the original data.
With private stories, brands, PR and advertising agencies can easily record customer sentiment and conversations from social networks to report on what they are doing. Storify Business is the perfect compliment to other tools that use algorithmic approaches to broadly mine consumer sentiment on social networks.

Meanwhile, we’ve also updated our homepage and editing dashboard with a fresh look for all users. We’ve also added features available now for everyone that users like you have requested, including the ability to edit story URLs, search Instagram pictures by username or location and the option to delete items from your saved collection (aka “storypad”).

We’re grateful for the kind words from those of you who have already noticed the changes that began rolling out earlier this week:

Nice updates, @Storify. Good timing!

@Storify Love the new layout!

As always, thank you for your stories and for using Storify! We’re excited to be open for Business.

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