Instagram Organic Engagement Continues to Fall (Report)


The good news is that Instagram ads are now open to all brands. The bad news is that those ads may soon be the only effective way for brands to reach users.

Social analytics and reporting company Locowise studied 2,500 brand profiles on the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network throughout September, finding that:

  • Follower growth for the month was 0.25 percent.
  • Engagement per post was 1.76 percent of the post’s audience.
  • Profiles posted a daily average of 2.62 posts.
  • 93 percent of posts were photos, and 7 percent were videos.
  • Photos drew an engagement rate of 1.85 percent, while the average engagement rate for videos was 0.9 percent.
  • Likes represented 98.12 percent of all interactions, and comments just 1.88 percent.

Locowise pointed out the steady drop in organic engagement over the past six months, saying that Instagram is on the verge of becoming a “pay-to-play” platform for brands, and adding:

The ads platform leverages all of the best aspects and features from Facebook’s ads, so if you’re already doing ads on Facebook, you will be very familiar with ads on Instagram, too. Instagram has announced that it is seeing “significant demand” for ads, particular in e-commerce, travel, entertainment and retail.

Some early numbers from a selected number of partners shows that the click-through rate on Instagram is 1.5 percent, compared with 0.84 percent on Facebook. The average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is reported everywhere from $ 3 to $ 6.29. Videos cost as little as $ 0.02 per view. A view counts when the video has been seen for at least three seconds, exactly the same as on Facebook.

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