Innovator? You Could Win Big With the Merck HPN Challenge


We believe that innovation can change the world. So, when we see opportunities like the The Merck & Heritage Provider Network Innovation Challenge, we hope our community can get involved. This Challenge looks for entrepreneurs, data scientists, designers, healthcare providers, and big thinkers to create the products or services that will support patients with diabetes and/or heart disease in adhering to their care plans. More than 40% of patients sustain significant risks by misunderstanding, forgetting, or ignoring healthcare advice. And this challenge aims to fix that.

These care plans are critical recommendations for people living with chronic diseases, including info around healthy behaviors, medication management, and nutrition. While they are critical, it can also feel quite intimidating and like a daunting regime with unattainable goals.

So, if you and your team can come up with a concept that would help patients follow care plans, you could win big.

The Merck & Heritage Provider Network Innovation Challenge is putting up $ 240,000 in prizes:
+ 5 semi-finalists receive $ 20,000 to build a prototype
+ 2 finalists receive $ 20,000 to conduct a pilot
+ 1 grand prize winner receives $ 100,000

Learn more and enter today here. We’re excited to see what our community comes up with!

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