INFOGRAPHIC: Which Selfies Draw the Most Likes?


Selfies are now impossible to escape on the Internet, but what characteristics drive the most likes for these images? BelfieStick creator studied 50,000 user-generated photos to come up with some answers. compared the average number of likes for selfies and non-selfies, focusing on time of day, location, gender and consumer behavior trends. Its findings included:

  • All photos with men in them average nine likes.
  • All photos with women in them average 52 likes.
  • All photos with no people in them average 10 likes.
  • Images posted on Wednesday between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. local time receive the highest volume of likes.
  • The highest percent of selfies come from users in the medical and legal fields.
  • America’s East Coast out-selfies the West Coast 2:1.
  • Men take an average of two photos per day.
  • Women take an average of four photos per day. chief technology officer Kevin Deegan said in a release announcing the results:

Since the rise of the selfie, we’ve been looking for answers regarding how much a selfie is actually worth, and we conducted this study to shed some light on the industry’s unknown. We came to the conclusion that consumers needed a way to understand their like per selfie, or LPS. We’re hoping our users and consumers in general take these findings into account to maximize their LPS, continuing the momentum the industry has already created.

Readers: How often do you post selfies?


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