[Infographic] What’s in the Cards? Decide Your Marketing’s Fate


What's in the cards: Your Marketing Destiny Defined

Author: Ellen Gomes

As the end of year approaches, marketers try to predict the future of their programs and campaigns for the coming quarter and year. This is not a small task — today’s marketers juggle more than ever: documenting plans, balancing stakeholder buy-in, creating and adjusting deadlines, targeting the right audience and more. Without a system, this level of activity quickly gets out of hand, leaving marketers with lackluster campaigns that failed to meet their expectations

In light of this, we decided to dust-off our crystal ball and interview over 400 marketers to see how they plan their marketing, and what would help them improve their predictions. As a result, we learned about the pain points marketers encounter as they try to define their future campaign’s, and that most marketers have implemented a system to help them collaborate (but it may not be working very well). We also identified the “must-haves” for marketers to successfully envision their integrated campaigns.

Our latest infographic explores these ideas and reads the cards to help you decide your marketing’s fate. Check it out:

Marketing Calendar Fortune Telling Infographic

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