[Infographic] What Do the Most Successful Content Marketers Have in Common?


It’s no secret that content marketing has become big business — and with good reason. Based on recent reports, the social media investment is paying off in spades. All signs are pointing to increased budgets for social media and content marketing across the board.

According to an infographic from Linkedin Marketing Solutions, B2B marketers are getting more savvy about using social media to connect with prospects and generate leads. In fact, more than 90 percent say they’re using content marketing, but less than 50 percent believe their efforts are effective.

The infographic indicates that the most effective B2B content marketers have a few things in common. The best content marketers:

  • have a dedicated content strategist

  • have a documented content strategy

  • spend about 40 percent of their marketing budget on content marketing

  • know how to create engaging content

Unsurprisingly, the best content marketers are using social media to get their content in front of their target market. The infographic indicates that the most successful marketers use at least seven of the available social media platforms, with more than 90 percent taking advantage of LinkedIn.

In addition to social media platforms, the most effective content marketers are using their company websites, in email newsletters, blogs, events, case studies, videos and six other tactics to share their content. Still, for B2B marketing, best way to build customer confidence was through in-person events and eBooks were the least effective. Overall, it seems the most effective strategy is to create a lot of really good content and distribute it across the web using as many channels as possible.

Here’s the infographic:


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