Infographic: The types of emails people read most


Did you know that people receive, on average, 416 emails a month? Of those, they read emails about their finances and travel the most.

By Kristin Piombino | Posted: September 20, 2013

Think about your email inbox for a minute.

What types of emails are in there? Which emails do you always open, and which do you immediately trash?

Email marketers are always hunting for this information so they can ensure their brands’ emails are the ones you open.

If you’re curious about how many emails people receive on average, or which industries have the highest read rate, take a look at this infographic from Return Path.

According to the graphic, people receive an average of 416 commercial emails a month. More people read emails about their finances and travel than any
other category, and the industries that send the most emails are daily deal programs, social networks, dating services and retail brands.

The graphic also pits competing brands against each other to see whose emails have a better read rate. For example, among those people who receive emails
from both American Airlines and United, more read American Airlines’ emails.


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Take a look at the full graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)


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